Licence and privacy
This software is totally free.

Open source:
You have the freedom to share, study and modify the source code under the terms of the LGPL 2.1 licence.

No invasion of privacy because your privacy is sacred:
We don't want to know who downloads Itecad and which projects are taken on it.

Integrated Design Environment:
Itecad interface does'nt use separate windows for every schematic or board in your project. All the documents are showed in tabs inside the single unified design environment.

Unlimited Undo/Redo for every document in your project.
Itecad has unlimited undo/redo and offer you a smart undo/redo history.

Itecad save every project in a single file:
The file is a compressed XML that describes your project's schematics, boards and comments. It's easier to manage a single file than a directory. With the integrated XML editor it's possible to modify your projects because they are saved in an easy and understandable format

Native PDF print engine:
Without any additional software you can print project's documents in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (*.pdf).
Schematic Capture
Unlimited number of components and schematic documents are allowed in a project.

Maximum drawing area for every schematic document is 1m x 1m (40 inch x 40 inch)

Easy creation of new component symbols with the integrated editor.

Multiple part in a single footprint
Bill of materials (BOM) reports can be generated at any time and can be exported to your spreadsheet application.
PCB layout
Maximum PCB area is 1m x 1m (40 inch x 40 inch)

Maximum signal layers allowed is 2 (we plan to raise up to 16 signal layers)

Resolution is 0.01 thou (0.254 ╬╝m)

Easy creation of new footprints with the integrated editor.

Design Rule Check (DRC) based on shapes

Editable Ground Planes objects

R-274D/X gerber output and drill output.

System requirements
Itecad can run on Windows┬« XP, Vista and 7.
Itecad can run on Linux/X11.
IBM OS/2 Warp and eComStation:
Itecad can run on OS/2 and eCS.
At the moment Itecad can't run on Mac OS X.
However because it's totally based on the QT cross-platform framework in the future it may will be ported into the Apple's world.


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